We offer unique and quality services aimed at satisfying our clients general as well as specific needs.

Shareholder Register

  • Verification and Certification of Shareholders’ requests.
  • Keeping records and monitoring of shareholding movement.
  • Officiating at AGMs & EGMs; handling proxies and polling activities at these meetings
  • Electronic payment of dividends directly into the shareholders’ bank account where mandated
  • Full dematerialization of shareholders certificates and prompt lodgment with The Central Securities & Clearing Systems (CSCS)
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IPO & Bond Issues

  • Active participation in all pre-offer logistics relating to the offer; whilst providing advisory services (registrar-related) at all-parties and completion board meetings
  • Receiving agent services
  • Timely, widespread and cost effective distribution of prospectus and other document
  • Proper handling of returns from various receiving agents and stockbroker; collation and analysis of all returns for Securities & Exchange Commissions
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Shareholders Relations

  • Dispatch notices, annual reports and other correspondence to shareholders
  • Liaise with shareholders on behalf of the company, on all matters relating to their holdings
  • Provision of documentations and services required for company/shareholder relations
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Probate Management

Probate Management Service includes

    • Procurement of letters of administration/grant of Probate
    • Endorsement of bank certificate
    • Procurement of certificate of additional asset/further security
    • Amendment of Letters of Administration
    • Preparation of Power of Attorney
    • Effect new mandates of the administrators
    • Marshalling of Assets
    • Disposal/apportion of assets
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